CMS Looks At Why So Many At Two Schools Didn't Take Tests

Aug 16, 2012

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools has released student end of year test scores for all of its schools, except two. West Charlotte and Harding high schools didn't have enough students taking the tests to post official scores for those schools. The state requires a school to test 95 percent of students in a course. Last night, school board members asked what happened.

Superintendent Heath Morrison questioned whether leaders at West Charlotte tried hard enough to get students to take them. But at Harding he said it was a different case.

"I'm struggling to think as the superintendent how I could've supported that principal to do anything more than that principal and the staff did at that school to get children there," said Morrison.

Deputy Superintendent Ann Clark said teachers called students to get them to come in and even knocked on doors in both schools. She said most of the students who didn't show up for the tests were ninth graders and some were already failing those courses.

The state did release unofficial ratings for West Charlotte and Harding. West Charlotte's student proficiency rate dropped to 44 percent and Harding's to 64 percent.