Cyndy Etler And Straight Inc.

Aug 20, 2012

Cyndy Etler And Straight Inc. Cyndy Etler was a bad girl. A drinker and drug user. A lost cause. At least that's how her mother thought of her even though Cyndy had only drunk alcohol once and tried pot three times. Abuse forced her to run away and her mother's response was to send Cyndy to a "tough love" facility for troubled teens. The program was called Straight Inc. and its practices have been the subject of lawsuits, documentaries and a great deal of controversy. The program is closed now but those who created it have spawned other programs that continue today. Cyndy lives a tranquil life in Charlotte now, but she will share her survival story, when Charlotte Talks. Guest Cyndy Etler - Author, Straighting: A Memoir Add and read comments