Google Fiber & High Speed Internet In Cities

Apr 3, 2014

Charlotte could be Google's next "fiber-hood." The tech giant is considering Charlotte as one of the next locations for their high speed internet service, Google Fiber, that they tout as being up to 100 times faster than basic broadband. This could have major implications for consumers, businesses and even the Charlotte economy. But first, city officials are working closely with Google on logistics and planning for the potential network, studying everything from placement of utility poles, water and gas lines to housing density as they study the feasibility of laying thousands of miles of fiber optic cables in the city. We won't know until later this year whether we'll get Google Fiber or not, but in the meantime we'll look at what possible impact it could have on the city and what high speed internet in general means for cities and business, when Charlotte Talks. 

Map of Google Fiber cities and potential cities
Credit Google


Phil Reiger - Assistant Director, Charlotte Department of Transportation; the city's designated project manager for the Google Fiber effort

Jeffery Stovall - Chief Information Officer for the city of Charlotte

Joanne Hovis - President, CTC Technology & Energy, a broadband consulting firm

Rick Usher - Assistant City Manager, Kansas City, Missouri