Happy Valentine's Day? You Can Feed A Rat Named After Your Ex To An Owl -- For A Good Cause

Feb 13, 2020

If you’re not feeling Valentine’s Day this year, there are a few ways around Charlotte you can show it — and for a good cause.  

This barn owl will eat your ex -- or at least a rat named after your ex.
Credit Carolina Raptor Center

One of the more cruel — or perhaps satisfying — ways is the Carolina Raptor Center’s “Rats for Rats.” The Raptor Center, based in Huntersville is an educational facility that also rehabilitates birds of prey like hawks and owls.  

Its “Rats for Rats” event lets you name a dead rat after an ex — and then feed it to one of the birds. 

“So, for a $14 donation, we will name a rat any name you choose — Caleb, Jake, Donald,” said Kris Cole, the Raptor Center’s marketing director. “They haven’t all been men, but it does seem like woman are a little saltier than men, so we have gotten mostly men names.”

For $214, you can actually be there in person to feed the rat to a raptor. So far, there have been a couple dozen takers, and the center has raised about $1,200. 

Some other options for you include the Greater Charlotte Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals’ “Shred Ex – Tear ‘Em a New One” event. For a donation of $10, one of the nonprofit group’s foster dogs will rip to shreds a teddy bear with your ex’s name on it.   

And if ripping things up isn’t your thing, Wooden Robot Brewery on Friday is hosting a class on how to create your own anti-Valentine’s Day voodoo doll. Proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.