Horticultural Historic Restoration At Monticello

Peter J. Hatch and Monticello Vegetable Garden.
Credit Robert Llewellyn, courtesy of Thomas Jefferson Foundation

When you think of historic restoration, most times you think of those TV shows where they fix up old homes to look how they did in their heyday. But Peter Hatch has taken historic restoration to a whole new level - horticultural historic restoration. He was the director of Gardens at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, for 35 years, and while there, fully restored Thomas Jefferson's beloved gardens. He'll be in town this week for North Carolina's Master Gardener Conference, and in advance of that, he and another master gardener join us to talk about Jefferson's Monticello gardens and how it was restored, and about what gardeners today - here and around the world can learn from Jefferson's work centuries ago, when Charlotte Talks.

Peter Hatch
- Former Director of Gardens and Grounds at Monticello and Author of A Rich Spot of Earth
Jeff Rieves - Horticultural Extension Agent with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

  • The 2013 North Carolina Extension Master Gardener Conference is June 6-8th. Details here.