Insights Into The Life Of Erica Parsons

Aug 22, 2013

Erica Parsons

A 13-year-old girl goes missing. No one says anything.  The parents? They say she was just being rebellious and figured she would someday return.

This is the case of Erica Parsons, of course. The Rowan County girl was last seen in November of 2011. Her brother reported her missing last month.

It’s a bizarre and tragic case that doesn’t make sense. The girl that no one noticed is now receiving lots of attention. This week, the program Dr. Phil had two shows on the case. Erica’s adoptive father Sandy Parsons took a polygraph as part of the show. The results showed he was being "strongly deceptive" on a question of whether he had a plan to cause Erica's disappearance.

This past Sunday, a story in the Charlotte Observer gave some insight into Erica’s life, and how she could disappear and no one notice. Michael Gordon was one of the reporters on that story, and he joined us.