Legendary Pinehurst Caddie Willie McRae Dies

Oct 29, 2018

Legendary Pinehurst caddie Willie McRae has passed away. He was 85 years old.

McRae caddied at the at the course since 1943 when he was around ten years old until his retirement in October of last year. He caddied for superstar athletes like Michael Jordan and Mickey Mantle and for five presidents. However, to McRae, everyone was a celebrity.

Willie McRae, legendary Pinehurst caddie, passed away at the age of 85.
Credit Pinehurst

“When you say celebrity you caddy for, everybody’s a celebrity. We can’t say well this guy’s a celebrity because he played basketball or baseball or golf pro or whatever. But everybody’s somebody and that’s what you gotta take,” said McRae in a 2013 interview at Pinehurst.

McRae was also a gifted player as well and was the captain of the golf team at Fort Dix when he served in the US Army. He would often play and win local tournaments with Earl Woods, father of Tiger Woods.

McRae’s family is also deeply rooted in the golf community. His son Paul is an instructor at Pinehurst Golf Academy and his grandson Darick caddies there.