Lockdown Lifted At Three CMS Schools After Shooting Threat

May 28, 2019

Credit Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

A lockdown has been lifted on three CMS schools this morning after a shooting threat. CMS officials say North Mecklenburg High School, JM Alexander Middle School and Blythe Elementary were locked down after an anonoymous phone call. Officers were dispatched to the schools where they found no credible threat. 

CMS sent this to parents after the lockdown was lifted. 

North Meck families,

This is Principal Dellinger calling with an update from our school. This morning, an anonymous threat was made by telephone to our campus. As a precaution, our campus went on lockdown as is our standard procedure. Law enforcement is here to ensure safety, has not identified a credible threat and continues to investigate. All students and staff are safe and I will update information based on the results of this investigation by law enforcement.

Police say they will continue to investigate.