McCready Touts Plan To Lower Drug Costs

Jun 20, 2019

During last November’s elections, Democrats nationwide – including Dan McCready – ran on health care. 

McCready now has a new opponent, but he has returned to the same theme.

"Between deductibles and out of pocket costs, North Carolinians are paying thousands of dollars a month out of their own pockets and things are getting worse," he said during a campaign stop at a pharmacy in Mint Hill.

A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis shows that per capita prescription drug spending has risen sharply over in the last 25 years, though that spending has leveled off in the last two years.

McCready said he would work to close what he calls “evergreen loopholes,” in which drug makers extend the length of their 20-year patents by making small changes to drugs. He also said he would make low-interest loans available to companies willing to invest in generic drugs, and he said he would continue to expedite the approval of generic drugs.

He also said his plan calls for making it illegal for drug companies to impose “severe price hikes” on life-saving drugs without a market-based justification.

McCready criticized Bishop for being the only senator in the General Assembly to vote against the Pharmacy Patient Fair Practices Act in 2017. That bill – now law - allows pharmacists to discuss and prescribe lower-cost alternative drugs to patients.

"Senator Bishop, in every chance he gets, is voting at the expense of North Carolina families," he said. "So I hope this will be an issue where we can have a robust discussion in the press, in the media."

Bishop’s campaign issued a statement saying that McCready is being supported by Democrats who want to abolish private insurance and institute Medicare for All. 

McCready has said he wants to improve Obamacare, but does not support Medicare for All.