Mecklenburg County Party Chairs: Polarizing National Leaders Won't Affect Voter Loyalty

May 3, 2018

Party leaders in Mecklenburg County aren’t concerned about how polarizing national figures may affect party loyalty come the May 8th primaries.

Chris Turner, county chair for the GOP and Jane Whitely, county chair for the Democratic Party, joined Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins Wednesday night for a pre-primary elections conversation at Birdsong Brewery. 

When asked if he sees a lack of enthusiasm for the Republican Party after the election of President Donald J. Trump, Turner said he wants to look beyond Trump supporters to broader Republican voters in the area. He said they’re not one in the same. 

"There are Republicans that are in Mecklenburg County that are committed to the Republican cause," Turner said, "with or without Donald Trump."

Whitely wasn’t fazed when Nancy Pelosi was brought up in conversation. She laughed when Collins asked her if she would have preferred that the Democratic House Minority Leader's name not have been mentioned.

"I'm fine with it," Whitely said. 

Both county chairs made it clear that they’re not worried about the potential drag the national figures could have on supporter turnout. Both said they believe party members will vote based on party values and key issues.

Listen to the full show here.

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