Medical Cannabis In North Carolina

Mar 31, 2014

 PART I: Proponents

Here in North Carolina, the discussion about medical marijuana legalization has focused primarily on an oil high in the chemical CBD. The oil is made in Colorado from a plant specifically cultivated that way to treat people with epilepsy. And, a handful of NC families have moved to access the oil. But – there are other people who advocate for whole plant legalization. What are the alleged medicinal benefits of marijuana? What are the risks? Who is using it as medicine? And just how close is North Carolina to legalizing some form of marijuana? We explore those issues and more. 

Dr. Kevin Baiko
- Primary care physician in N.C., medical marijuana prescriber in HI and OR; Medical Director for NC Cannabis Patients Network
Rep. Kelly Alexander - North Carolina Representative of District 107
Perry Parks - Vietnam combat veteran, highly decorated retired military officer of 28 years; admittedly self-medicates with cannabis
Elizabeth (Liz) Gorman - Mother who relocated to Colorado with her daughter who has epilepsy to access Charlotte’s Web oil