NC Lawmakers Enter Final Week Of Session With Voter ID On Agenda

Jun 25, 2018

This is expected to be the final week of the current session of the North Carolina legislature and the House Monday is scheduled to vote on a bill that would put on the fall ballot a question on making a photo ID requirement to vote part of the state constitution.

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Another bill the full House will take up would put to voters whether or not the constitution should be amended to include the right to hunt and fish.  The Senate must approve both proposals before they go to voters in November.

Also this week, legislative committees will take up other proposed constitutional amendments.  One would give the legislature sole power to appoint state election board members and would scale back Governor Roy Cooper’s powers to fill judicial vacancies. Another would expand the rights of crime victims.  Governor Cooper has dozens of bills he must sign or veto by Monday night or they'll become law automatically.