Pilot Project For Hemp Growers In NC Gains Momentum

Apr 17, 2017

More participants in a pilot program for industrial hemp farming in North Carolina could  be chosen on Monday afternoon. North Carolina's Industrial Hemp Commission, created two years ago, adopted temporary rules in February to allow farmers and universities to grow hemp and research its uses. 

According to the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association, hundreds of farmers and businesses have shown interest in growing the plant. Hemp fibers, seeds and oil are used to manufacture a variety of products, including paper, nutritional supplements, fuel, and more.

Cannabis plants that are cultivated as hemp lack the levels of the chemical THC that produce the "high" for marijuana users. Under North Carolina's pilot program, licensed hemp plants would be subject to testing for THC levels, at the grower's expense. 

The Industrial Hemp Commission has been reviewing applications for the pilot project in recent weeks. The commission will hold a public meeting via conference call to review and approve applications Monday at 2:30 p.m.