Plaza Midwood And NoDa Tie For 'Most Hipster Neighborhood'

Feb 4, 2014

The Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte’s NoDa.
Credit Duncan McFadyen

Plaza Midwood and NoDa tied for the most hipster neighborhood in Charlotte, according to Gawker.

They were trying to figure out "where the self-consciously arty creative-class would-be bohemians congregate" in America's cities. 

So they were looking for the equivalent of two hipster neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York. 

  • Williamsburg: "an expensive alt-yuppie neighborhood—it used to be the neighborhood where the cool young arty kids went; now it's the neighborhood where the rich old arty kids go (and live)"
  • Bushwick: "where the cool young arty kids go and live now."

But the six people who responded couldn't make a decisive decision ... 

So let's try this again:

P.S. In Raleigh, the analogy was Williamsburg: Boylan Heights as Bushwick: Mordecai. 

h/t The Charlotte Business Journal