Proposed Smoking Ban Expansions

Aug 15, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Mecklenburg County Commission is considering two regulations. The first is a ban on smoking near government buildings. The second ordinance is a ban on all tobacco products - including e-cigarettes - on greenways and county parks. Why this push for expanding regulations on smoking products? Health director Marcus Plaescia says he wants to prevent teens from starting to smoke by making it less visible. He also wants to help smokers quit. He says 20 percent of Mecklenburg County residents are smokers. We'll be joined by him and other professionals to hear more about these proposed regulations. 

James R. Garges
- Director, Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation

Marcus Plescia - Health Director, Mecklenburg County

Trevor Fuller - Chair of the Board of County Commissioners, Mecklenburg County

Dr. Derek Raghavan - President, Levine Cancer Institute