Same-Sex Marriage Ruling In North Carolina

Jul 6, 2015

Public opinion on same-sex marriage has changed dramatically in the last decade and the recent Supreme Court decision has made it legal in all 50 states. But North Carolina recently passed a law allowing magistrates to opt-out of performing those marriages. Will that change under this recent decision? A look at the impact of the ruling here and around the country, on the upcoming presidential campaign and on job protections and more.

Dr. John Szmer - Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at UNC Charlotte, his expertise is the Supreme Court.

Edward Garrett - Attorney at Sodoma Law 

Chris Sgro - Executive Director of Equality NC, an LGBT advocacy organization.

Lee Knight Caffery - Lee and her now wife Dana Draa were plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit on behalf of six North Carolina families challenging North Carolina’s bans on second-parent adoption and marriage for same-sex couples.