Sounds Of Charlotte: Local Music Scene

The sounds of a city aren't just fire trucks and car horns. The real sounds of a city can be found in the music venues around town and at the concerts that local bands participate in. These are local musicians and local stories - all told through the crooning and tuning of their music. But in such an up-and-coming town as Charlotte, do the bands really make it big? Is there undiscovered, hidden talent in the Queen City? Well, yes there is. For instance James Brown sings for the native band Matrimony, which was recently signed to Columbia records. That sounds promising. And Charlotte’s music scene continues to mature with heightened access to artists and the revival of a young, hip arts scene. A conversation about local music, when Charlotte Talks.

Jeff Hahne 
- Music Editor, Creative Loafing
Joe Kuhlmann - Owner, Evening Muse
James Brown - Singer for Matrimony, recently signed to Columbia Records, record releases June 8