SouthBound: The Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood Explores The South's Psyche And Sound

Jan 22, 2020

The Drive-By Truckers’ new album “The Unraveling” comes out Jan. 31. Patterson Hood co-founded the band in 1996 with his longtime musical partner Mike Cooley.

Hood’s father, David Hood, played bass in the Swampers – the legendary studio group from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, that played on hits by everybody from Aretha Franklin to Paul Simon.

Patterson Hood and the rest of the Drive-By Truckers have spent more than 20 years exploring the psyche of the South in their music. And lately, they’ve turned their gaze outward to the full American experience.

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Show notes:

Drive-By Truckers music in this episode:

  • "Armageddon's Back In Town"
  • "A World Of Hurt"
  • "Ever South"

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