SouthBound: Kathy Izard On Finding Homes For The Homeless, Finding Herself

May 30, 2018

Have you ever heard that little voice telling you to do something more with your life? Kathy Izard heard that voice, and unlike many of us, she decided to listen.

In 2007, she quit her graphic design business to start working on a project to find homes for the homeless in Charlotte. That led to Moore Place, a building that now houses 120 people who were formerly among the city’s chronically homeless. Two years ago, Izard wrote and self-published a book about her journey, called “The Hundred Story Home.” The book sold so well that a division of Harper Collins, one of America’s big publishing houses, is putting out a new edition on June 26. As we'll hear on this week's SouthBound podcast, Kathy Izard listened to that little voice — and it changed not just her life, but the lives of the homeless in her city.

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