SouthBound Replay: Josh Burford On Documenting The LGBTQ History Of The South

Jun 12, 2019

Josh Burford was one of our first guests on SouthBound, a year and a half ago. Josh is an expert on the LGBTQ history of the South, and at the time we talked, he was about to leave Charlotte for Alabama to co-found the Invisible Histories Project, which aims to document queer history throughout the South.

Credit Joshua Burford / Facebook

We thought we’d replay our episode with Josh for two reasons. One, it’s Pride Month. And two, NBC News recently named Josh to the Pride 50, a listing of 50 influential people in the LGBTQ movement in America. I’ve heard from many listeners who found both information and inspiration in hearing from Josh. About the only bad thing I can say about him is that he’s an Alabama football fan.

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Show notes:

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  • "Love Chances," Makaih Beats
  • "Growing Up," Ben Sollee

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