SouthBound Replay: Vivian Howard On 'A Chef’s Life,' Her New Show, And Living In Front Of The Camera

Nov 27, 2019

Today we’re replaying a previously aired episode of "SouthBound" with chef and TV host Vivian Howard.

We talked in October 2018, just as Howard was wrapping up her Peabody Award-winning successful PBS show “A Chef’s Life.” She’s now working on a new show called “Somewhere South” that will start airing next March.

We talk about the rigors of spending a life in front of the camera, the things she hopes to learn in her next project — and what she eats at the State Fair.

On behalf of everyone here at "SouthBound" and WFAE, enjoy this conversation about food, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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Show notes:

Other music in this episode:

  • Lee Rosevere, "Vivian's Theme"
  • Satellite 7, "Street Food"

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