SouthBound: Vivian Howard On 'A Chef’s Life,' Her New Show And Living In Front Of The Camera

Oct 31, 2018

Vivian Howard is one of the most unlikely TV stars in recent memory. She came back home to Kinston, North Carolina, after burning out in the restaurant world of New York. 

Vivian Howard's new cookbook "Deep Run Roots."
Credit Vivian Howard

Howard and her husband started their own little place in Kinston and then PBS found them. The resulting show, “A Chef’s Life,” was a huge hit that gave viewers a long look at a world that was distinctly Southern but never stereotypical.

But Howard has decided that “A Chef’s Life” should come to an end. She’s got a new show and a new cookbook in the works. And when we talked, she was dealing with the flooding in her part of the world from Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. It's a hectic life.

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