SouthBound: Webb Hubbell's Long Journey From The Clinton Admin, To Prison, To Writing Novels

Apr 4, 2018

Webb Hubbell was a political prodigy. When he was just 29, he became mayor of Little Rock. A few years later, he was chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court. And a few years after that, he was heading to Washington to serve under his friend, President Bill Clinton. But his fast rise was followed by a hard fall.

He got caught having overbilled clients at his law firm back in Little Rock. He served prison time for that. And he was caught up in the Whitewater investigation that dogged the Clinton presidency.

Now, 25 years later, Webb Hubbell lives in Charlotte and has settled into a second career of writing legal thrillers. It’s fair to say he knows a lot about legal issues and a lot about thrills – the good kind and the bad.

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