State Of The Union Recap And Analysis

Jan 13, 2016

President Obama delivered his last State of the Union Address Tuesday. The last speech of an incumbent president can be like a valedictory address but this year, the GOP response could indicate who they’re thinking of as vice president. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was selected for that job. We analyze both speeches and see what, if any, impact they may have on the race to the White House.

Dr. Scott Huffmon, Professor of Political Science and founder/ director of the Social and Behavioral Research Laboratory at Winthrop University. He also directs the Winthrop Poll.

Dr. Eric Heberlig, Professor of Political Science at UNC Charlotte 

Dr. Adolphus Belk, professor of Political Science and director of the African American Studies Program at Winthrop University. He also collaborates with Dr. Huffmon with the Winthrop Poll 

Dr. Susan Roberts, Associate Professor of Political Science at Davidson College was a scheduled guest but she was pulled out of town and unable to join.