Tony Arreaza And Styles&Complete

Tony Arreaza

Tony Arreaza is more than just a talented Latin musician. He has been in and formed multiple bands, currently plays in two and heads a local production company that focuses on bringing the best in Latin entertainment to the Queen City. He is also the Cultural Events Director at the Latin American Coalition which is putting on the annual Latin Music Festival October thirteenth. And many of us have heard of another type of music festival happening these days: electronic dance music festivals.


A local, up and coming DJ duo, styles&complete, have been working for years to perfect their sound. Their real names are Alex and Austin and in addition to producing music with Alex, Austin is the official Bobcats DJ. We'll have two conversations with three musicians, when Charlotte Talks.


Tony Arreaza - Latin musician and Cultural Events Director, the Latin American Coalition
styles&complete - Alex & Austin respectively, DJ/producer duo focusing on electronic dance music; Austin (a.k.a DJ Complete) is also the official Bobcats DJ