Trump Criticizes NC Gov For Rejecting Bill That Would Force Sheriffs To Detain Immigrants

Aug 24, 2019

President Trump called N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of a bill that would require sheriffs to cooperate with federal immigration agents "a terrible decision."
Credit White House/NC Government

President Donald Trump has criticized North Carolina's governor for vetoing a bill that would have required the state's sheriffs to recognize requests by federal immigration agents to hold jail inmates believed to be in the country illegally.

Trump tweeted Saturday that Gov. Roy Cooper's veto was "a terrible decision." He tweeted that the North Carolina Democrat "should reverse his decision and get back to the basics of fighting crime!"

Cooper described the measure as unconstitutional and politically motivated.

The detainers ask that a suspect be held up to 48 hours for pickup. They aren't arrest warrants, so currently they can be ignored. The bill's Republican sponsors said sheriffs should work with ICE.

Trump is in France for an international summit.