UNC Charlotte Prepares For Students' Return With New Safety Measures

Aug 7, 2019

In anticipation of students returning to UNC Charlotte for the fall semester, school officials have implemented new safety measures. This follows the April 30 shooting where four students were injured and two were killed.

John Bogdan, associate vice chancellor for safety and security said today that the tightened security upgrades will be clearly visible.

“Things like additional bicycle patrols, additional dismounted walking patrols as well as partner patrols with our local agencies to incorporate them in the safety as well as their familiarity with our student population.”

Other increased security measures include metal detectors and restrictive bag policies for large scale events such as football games and commencement exercises.

Bogdan addressed concerns from students that some doors on campus don't have locks or the doors open outwards. He says the university is assessing the feasibility of installing locks and advised students on what they can do in those cases in the meantime. 

“The simplest one of which is the door wedge. You can purchase one that you can wedge under the door to block it. You can use your belt and attach it around the control arm for an outswing door to try and limit that from opening.”

Bogdan says these techniques were made available by the university in their ALICE, or active shooter trainings following the attack. School officials say they are also increasing training for mental workers on campus so they are better equipped to handle crisis situations.

Classes begin at UNC Charlotte on August 19.