'We Believe You,' Addressing Sexual Assault On Campus

Jul 18, 2016

Experts say one in five female undergraduates have experienced sexual assault while in college.  Most of them have gone unreported for fear of retribution and a seeming lack of support.  But, now, the number of campus rapes being reported is on the rise and victims’ advocates say this is a positive trend.  Two UNC alums are shining a light on this in their new book, We Believe You. We hear from them and about what’s being done to change attitudes.

Annie Clark - executive director and co-founder of End Rape on Campus, a rape-survivor advocacy group; and co-author of the book, We Believe You, a collection of 36 stories of campus sexual assault

Andrea Pino - co-founder of End Rape on Campus and co-author of the book, We Believe You

Terri Rhodes - associate director, Counseling Center and Director of Training at UNC Charlotte Counseling Center 

Community Resource: Safe Alliance 24 hour domestic violence hotline: 704-332-2513 or SafeAlliance.org