Appalachian State University

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A National Geographic expedition in May installed the highest weather station in the world.  It’s on Mt. Everest about 1,500 feet below the summit. It’s one of only a handful of places on the planet that reaches into the little understood sub-tropical jet stream. Researchers hope the data they gather on the jet stream will help them better understand how the highest elevations of the planet are being effected by climate change. Baker Perry is an Appalachian State geography professor who was on the team that installed the weather station.

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Federal prosecutors announced this week that most of the nearly $2 million that Appalachian State University was scammed out of in 2016 has been returned to the Boone-based college. School officials were victims of a fraudulent billing scheme that also involved a Charlotte-based construction company.

Daniel Caton and Lee Hawkins / Appalachian State University

One of the unsolved mysteries of North Carolina is the Brown Mountain Lights. They are unexplained flickers that appear on and around the mountain near Morganton. And those lights have inspired a lot of theories, including aliens being responsible. The lights were even the subject of an X-Files episode.