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Mecklenburg County manager Dena Diorio has a buzzword when touting the quarter-cent sales tax: Transparency.

Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio talked to reporters Wednesday about this week's hacker attack on county servers.

Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio has recommended the Arts & Science Council be “re-envisioned” if voters approve a quarter-cent sales tax for the arts in November. 

Mecklenburg County

Former Mecklenburg Commissioner Darrel Williams will chair a new organization created to convince voters to support a quarter-cent sales tax for the arts.


The Mint Museum's new president has a goal: Make the museum accessible as possible.

"One way to do that is obviously to be free, to not have admission charge," said president Todd Herman.

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Backers of a proposed quarter-cent sales tax increase for the arts are pinning their hopes on a May poll that showed Mecklenburg voters support the tax hike – so long as an advertising campaign tells them what it’s for. (The ballot language won’t give any details about the tax.)

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As the campaign began in February for a new quarter-cent sales tax for the arts, there was tension as to whether the city’s arts community was in as dire of a situation as some said.

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Mecklenburg County voters will have the final say in November on raising the county sales tax, potentially gifting an annual $22.5 million in revenue to the Arts and Science Council. As voters consider if they're a yae or nay, we ask ASC Board Chair Valecia McDowell to detail how the organization might use the money, and how voters can be assured it will be spent wisely.

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Mecklenburg Commissioners voted 7-2 Tuesday night to let voters decide in November whether they want to increase the sales tax to pay for the arts, along with parks and greenways.

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Mecklenburg County commissioners Tuesday discussed increasing the sales tax by a quarter-cent, primarily to fund the arts.

Mecklenburg County

The Arts and Science Council proposed a new quarter-cent sales tax Tuesday that would help fund the arts in Mecklenburg County.