battery storage

Duke Energy tested a solar-and-battery microgrid at this site in south Charlotte.
David Boraks / WFAE

Duke Energy will begin construction soon on one of its first large-scale electricity microgrids in the North Carolina mountains. The project will use solar panels and battery storage to supply backup power to about 500 residents in the remote mountain town of Hot Springs, on the Tennessee border.

Gwendolyn Glenn

Researchers at UNC Charlotte’s Motor Sport and Automotive Research Center are known for their work in improving the performance of race cars. They are expanding that work to now include research on lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in smart phones and electric vehicles. The problem is they sometimes explode or catch fire.

Duke already has installed large battery systems elsewhere, like this one at a wind farm in Texas.
Duke Energy

Duke Energy plans to install its first two large-scale battery storage units in 2019 in western North Carolina.  A nine-megawatt battery system will be installed in Asheville and a four-megawatt system is planned in Hot Springs, in Madison County.