Braxton Winston

City of Charlotte

The Charlotte City Council on Thursday rejected a proposal by Democratic council member Braxton Winston to increase the compensation of council members.

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Charlotte City Manager Marcus Jones said Friday that he's committed to finishing the 26-mile Cross Charlotte Trail as originally envisioned, and said he will look at different pots of money - including tourism taxes - to pay for it.

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The city of Charlotte has said it doesn’t have enough money to finish the Cross Charlotte Trail – a 26-mile continuous bike and pedestrian trail from one of the county to the other.

Charlotte City Councilors Tariq Bokhari and Braxton Winston in Charlotte Talks' Spirit Square studio.
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Charlotte's city councilors are continuing to weigh whether to support the city's bid to host the 2020 Republican National Convention.


The twice-a-month public forums held before Charlotte City Council business meetings will once again be broadcast live on the Government Channel. Council on Monday approved resuming broadcasting the forums in which members of the public can comment on any topic of their choosing.  In addition, council approved allowing the public forums to be streamed live on the city’s website, as well as on YouTube and Facebook.

A speaker addresses the Charlotte City council Monday night, in this view from a live stream by Braxton Winston, from his seat at the council dais.
Braxton Winston

The Charlotte City Council next month will consider whether to resume televising its pre-meeting citizen comment sessions - a practice halted after meetings were disrupted last spring. Newly elected at-large member Braxton Winston favors the change. At Monday's meeting, he took matters into his own hands by streaming the forum live from the dais. 

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[One Year Later: The Anniverary of the Keith Lamont Shooting and Protests]

“I stayed because the questions needed to be answered and I felt like if there was a role that I could play, it was in making sure the community wasn’t shoo-shooed away saying, ‘Hey, it’s tough, deal with it later.’”

The next day he woke up and his image was all over the world.

Michael Tomsic

Protesters marched through uptown Wednesday night after the Mecklenburg County district attorney announced no charges in the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Amid the anger, there was also a conversation between a demonstrator and a police officer who have both become familiar faces at protests.