Cabarrus County Schools

Cabarrus County Schools

Reopening schools amid a pandemic is complicated enough, but a handful of schools in the Charlotte region are opening for the very first time -- without being able to let students in.

Concord Police

Vandals have hit the new West Cabarrus High School twice in the past two weeks, doing more than $100,000 worth of damage, Concord Police said Thursday.


Whenever the spotlight turns to struggling schools and failing students, there’s another question that bubbles up: How well are America’s teacher preparation programs doing their job? 


North Carolina's annual release of test scores and graduation rates for more than 2,500 public schools provides a snapshot of inequality — and a study in the slow pace of progress.


Just over 200 of North Carolina's 2,500 public schools earned A's from the state this year, and about half as many received an F.

Cabarrus County Sherriff's Office
Cabarrus County Sherriff's Office

A former Cabarrus County high school softball coach was arrested yesterday on charges of indecent liberties with a minor.

Robert Enloe Jr., 50, is accused of sex offenses involving a student in 1994 and 1995 while he was working at Cabarrus County Schools. The victim reported the incidents to the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Department in April.  

Students at W M Irvin Elementary, one of five Restart Schools in Concord, start the day off with series of exercises. Their teacher says it makes them more focused and ready to learn.
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School administrators often complain that they lack flexibility when it comes to improving their schools academically. In response, state education officials created the Restart program two years ago to help struggling schools. The program gives those schools a say in spending state funds, on calendar schedules and hiring flexibility—similar to charter schools. There are more than 100 Restart schools statewide.


Increasing the number of school psychologists has come up as one way to make schools safer. The National Association of School Psychologists says there should be one school psychologist per 700 students. But in North Carolina the average is 1 per 2,100 students.

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All Cabarrus County high schools were given the all clear by law enforcement  after being closed earlier today as police investigated a possible explosive device threat. An alert on the school district's Web site said all campuses "are clear and safe" and will reopen on Monday. Students have Friday off for Veteran's Day.

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North Carolina’s third-grade reading law got lots of complaints from teachers and parents its first year in classrooms. It was hard then to see if it was actually helping students to read. Those third graders who were the first to encounter changes under the law are now almost all fifth graders with two years of test data behind them. So how’s it going? 

Teachers did not get a raise this year, but state lawmakers have set aside bonuses for the top 25 percent of teachers next year.  It’s up to school districts to figure out who those teachers are -- and that’s no easy task. 

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Dozens of new charter schools have opened in North Carolina since the cap on them was lifted a couple years ago.  But the state still does not have an online charter.  This year three groups hope to get approval to open virtual charters.