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McCready Takes Big Financial Lead In NC 9th Redo

Jul 16, 2019

RALEIGH -- The Democrat in a North Carolina U.S. House special election ordered after a ballot-collection scandal has a big financial lead over his Republican rival in the race to represent a GOP-leaning district.

Democrat Dan McCready announced a plan Thursday to lower the cost of prescription drugs. June 20, 2019.
Steve Harrison / WFAE

During last November’s elections, Democrats nationwide – including Dan McCready – ran on health care. 

McCready now has a new opponent, but he has returned to the same theme.


In an interview on WFAE's Morning Edition last week, Democrat Dan McCready said his opponent in the 9th Congressional District, Republican Dan Bishop, is a "career politician."

Dan Bishop / Dan Bishop for Congress

In an interview with WFAE's Morning Edition last week, Mecklenburg State Sen. Dan Bishop was asked about an Associated Press analysis from 2017 that projected North Carolina would lose $3.7 billion in business over the next 12 years because of House Bill 2.

Michael Bitzer
Michael Bitzer / WFAE

Catawba College political science professor Michael Bitzer joined WFAE's Morning Edition to discuss Dan Bishop's victory in the 9th Congressional District Republican primary, and look ahead to the general election in September against Democrat Dan McCready. Turnout was roughly 10 percent for Tuesday's special election, but Bitzer says that doesn't mean there will be a lack of enthusiasm in September.

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In the November election, Republican after Republican fell in Mecklenburg County: Scott Stone, Andy Dulin and Bill Brawley in the N.C. House. Jeff Tarte in the state Senate. 

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The vice chair of North Carolina's Senate Select Committee on Elections said legislators will seek to extend the life of the state's elections and ethics enforcement board past its court-ordered expiration Monday. That comes as the board weighs allegations of potential voter fraud in Bladen and Robeson counties concerning absentee by mail ballots. 

Mecklenburg State Senator Dan Bishop has drawn criticism over his decision last year to invest in Gab.com, the social media platform created as an alternative to traditional outlets like Twitter and Facebook — and that critics say has become a home to white supremacists.

N.C. General Assembly

Republican State Senator Dan Bishop of Mecklenburg County said Tuesday that his colleague, GOP House member Andy Dulin, should step down after it was revealed that Dulin was arrested in July for DUI.

Drunk driving has been a key issue in Bishop's reelection bid.

Democratic State Senate candidate Brandlon Lofton has been accused of wanting to eliminate free speech, which he says is "ridiculous."
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Mecklenburg County has six competitive races in the state legislature, with the Republican Party’s Super Majority in the General Assembly at stake.


The North Carolina General Assembly is now back from its January break. And during this session, one Mecklenburg County Republican senator says he will introduce a bill to protect former elected officials from angry protesters. But opponents say it would infringe on First Amendment rights.


State Rep. Dan Bishop, R-Mecklenburg, was one of the lead sponsors of House Bill 2. He spoke to WFAE’s Tom Bullock about the Justice Department’s lawsuit against North Carolina, and why he believes it’s not discriminatory. “It’s not borne out of animus,” Bishop says.

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The fight over House Bill 2 has moved from business boycotts and the court of public opinion to federal court.

On Monday, Governor Pat McCrory filed a federal suit against the U.S. Justice Department. The Republican leaders of the General Assembly filed their own suit against the DOJ shortly afterwards. In response, the DOJ filed its own suit against the state.

Tom Bullock / WFAE News

Monday night, the Charlotte City Council will again discuss expanding the city’s non-discrimination ordinance to include protections for LGBT individuals. But the council will not vote tonight on the provision.