Election 2018

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WFAE's coverage of the key races, issues and candidates that North Carolinians voted on in the midterm election. From congressional races and the so-called “Blue Wave,” to the six ballot amendments and Charlotte bonds, you can find our stories here.

Bladen County Sheriff's Office

North Carolina criminal investigators are seeking phone and bank records as they dig into ballot fraud allegations that forced an election re-do in the country's last undetermined congressional seat.

North Carolina Democratic Party

The North Carolina Democratic Party says it spent over $16 million during the past two-year election cycle — millions more than its Republican counterpart — on the way to picking up more General Assembly and statewide court seats.

Rachel Hunt campaign

Democrat Rachel Hunt was sworn in as a member of the North Carolina General Assembly Wednesday, a day after a conservative group questioned 300 absentee mail votes she received in her race last year against Republican Bill Brawley.

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Mark Harris defended Tuesday his relationship with Bladen County political operative McCrae Dowless, the man at the heart of the investigation into absentee by mail fraud in the still-uncalled 9th Congressional District race.

Columbus County Sheriff's Office Facebook

The former sheriff of Columbus County in eastern North Carolina has filed a lawsuit that seeks to put him back in office. He says the current sheriff illegally took office since their disputed race hasn’t been certified by the state elections board.

Briana Duggan / WFAE

Outgoing U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger says he will not run in another primary election for the 9th Congressional District if allegations of fraud in the general election are substantiated by the North Carolina Elections Board. Pittenger was bested by Mark Harris during the primary last May.

Bladen County Sheriff's Office

North Carolina's top elections official issued an urgent plea nearly two years ago for the Trump administration to file criminal charges against the man now at the center of ballot fraud allegations that have thrown a 2018 congressional race into turmoil.


Amid an investigation into election fraud in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, new evidence reported by WECT shows that possible fraud involving absentee mail-in ballots may have happened in Columbus County as well.

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 Updated: 6 p.m. 

The North Carolina General Assembly approved a bill Wednesday that would return the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement to its former state from 2016.

Bladen County's board of elections in Elizabethtown.
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State Republican leaders say they're concerned about a report that Bladen County elections officials may have broken state rules by counting early votes before Election Day in November.  If that happened, they say they'll call for a new election in the 9th Congressional District. 

North Carolina State Board of Elections and Enforcement Facebook

The head of the North Carolina elections board is suggesting more time may be needed to decide whether a new congressional district election is necessary due to absentee ballot fraud allegations.

Mark Harris For Congress / Dan McCready For Congress

Democrat Dan McCready, who has accused Republican Mark Harris of "bankrolling criminal activity" in the 9th Congressional District race, is preparing for a new election and has sent an e-mail to supporters asking for campaign contributions.

Steve Harrison

There are now reports that alleged election fraud in the 9th District Congressional race between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready went beyond harvesting.

When it comes to election fraud, the "voting twice by dressing up with a different hat" tactic that President Trump talks about almost never happens.

Mark Harris
Mark Harris for Congress

Republican Mark Harris released a video on Friday afternoon in which he said he was "absolutely unaware of any wrongdoing" in the 9th Congressional District race.

Mark Harris For Congress / Dan McCready For Congress

Dan McCready has withdrawn his concession to Republican Mark Harris in the 9th District Congressional race and says there should be a new election if the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement finds the results were tainted amid potential ballot fraud.

Mark Harris for Congress

A new filing shows the Republican candidate in North Carolina's unresolved congressional race owes $34,000 to a consultant that's been subpoenaed in a ballot fraud probe. 

Steve Harrison

People collecting absentee request forms in bulk. Filling in votes. Tilting an election. These are allegations from Bladen County – but from 2016, not this year’s 9th Congressional District race between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Mark Harris.

Cole del Charco / WFAE

Democrat Dan McCready has officially withdrawn his concession to Republican Mark Harris in the 9th District Congressional race, citing allegations of ballot fraud.

The state elections board will hold a hearing this month on possible vote tampering in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District race. The key question is whether there's enough evidence to warrant a new election.