NC Attorney General


North Carolina will receive nearly $722,000 from a settlement reached between attorneys general from nine states and a web-based health records company. 

Charlotte School of Law entrance
Gwendolyn Glenn / WFAE

The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office says it believes "an administrative error" caused the U.S. Department of Education to deny loan discharges for some former Charlotte School of Law students. 


North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein says he's been forced to lay off 45 people in his office, some of them attorneys with more than 30 years of experience, as a result of a $10 million budget cut handed down from the General Assembly.

Charlotte School of Law is now under investigation by the North Carolina Attorney General's Office. NC DOJ spokeswoman Laura Brewer says the office is investigating the school under the state's civil consumer protection laws and is "very concerned about the current situation" there.