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A group of bipartisan lawmakers in the North Carolina House has filed a bill that would make it easier for North Carolina residents to vote by mail in the 2020 election.


Filing begins at 8 a.m. Monday for the new election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. 

The State Board of Elections last month ordered a new election in the 9th district after investigators found evidence of election fraud in last November’s general election.

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The North Carolina State Board of Elections staff said Wednesday it will continue its investigation into allegations of ballot fraud in the 9th Congressional District despite last week's court ruling dissolving the board. But the staff said it will postpone the previously planned Jan. 11 evidentiary hearing into the allegations until it has a new board.

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The chairman of North Carolina's elections board has resigned following complaints about comments he's made online criticizing President Donald J. Trump.

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The N.C. State Board of Elections says it will provide voting data to a special White House commission hunting for voter fraud. But amid concerns over the Trump administration’s June 28 request, the board says it will limit the information to publicly available voter data.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has signed a new law that closes loopholes in the state's Freedom of Information Act. Meanwhile, the North Carolina House of Representatives remains on track toward getting its state budget bill approved by the end of the week. And, a North Carolina elections worker has been indicted on charges she altered the voter registrations of roughly 250 convicted felons. Here are some of WFAE's afternoon headlines.

It's looking more likely that Democrat Roy Cooper will become North Carolina's governor. By state law, Republican Governor Pat McCrory has the right to demand a statewide recount, if the margin is less than 10,000 votes. He got ahead of the game and made that demand last week before counties had finalized all votes. But as the tally stands now, McCrory doesn't have that right. The margin has expanded to 10,256 with results from nearly all counties official.

Cliff Barrows, the longtime music director and friend of the Rev. Billy Graham, was eulogized at Calvary Church in south Charlotte on Tuesday morning. He died last week at age 93.

Friday's deadline for counting all votes in this month’s election in North Carolina is being extended. The state Board of Elections says county boards need more time to complete their vote counts. The state board cites several factors including ongoing reviews of absentee and provisional votes, along with election protests filed in some counties. 

NC Early Voting Plans In Flux Depending On Where You Live

Aug 8, 2016
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The recent federal appeals court decision that struck down North Carolina’s voting law made a lot of things clear. There won’t be voter ID in the November election, for example. But the number of early voting hours remains unclear – and will depend on where you live.

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A series of social media posts deemed racist, offensive and politically partisan have cost the chairman of the Rowan County Board of Elections his job. Malcolm Butner was sworn into the post in July. He was removed by the State Board of Elections on Thursday.

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The State Board of Elections has ruled no laws were broken when an Oklahoma man with ties to illegal gambling gave $270,000 to the campaigns of leading North Carolina politicians.

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State Senator Fletcher Hartsell may face criminal charges if the State Board of Elections has its way. It found between $100,000 and $300,000 in political contributions were used to finance Hartsell’s personal spending. On Wednesday, the board unanimously referred the case to state and federal prosecutors.