Partisan Gerrymandering

Split North Carolina Appeals Court Retains 2 Amendments

Sep 15, 2020
North Carolina Courts

RALEIGH — A North Carolina appeals court panel overturned on Tuesday a court ruling that voided alterations to the state constitution because legislators who put referendums on the ballot were elected from racially biased districts.

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The last time redistricting was at stake, in 2010, Republicans flipped 20 state legislative chambers from blue to red nationwide, including both houses in North Carolina. They seized control of mapmaking after the census.

This time, Democrats are mobilizing.

NC General Assembly
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RALEIGH — The state of North Carolina must pay over $102,000 to the winning side in a recent legislative redistricting case and the outside expert who helped analyze redrawn district lines, state judges have ruled.

More than a year after his death, a cache of computer files saved on the hard drives of Thomas Hofeller, a prominent Republican redistricting strategist, is becoming public.

Republican state lawmakers in North Carolina fought in court to keep copies of these maps, spreadsheets and other documents from entering the public record. But some files have already come to light in recent months through court filings and news reports.

Congressional districts
North Carolina General Assembly

North Carolina has new Congressional districts — and it was a process. When lawmakers went back to the drawing board last month, they had a lot to say. 

Congress Filing In North Carolina Delayed During Map Fight

Nov 21, 2019
congressional map
North Carolina General Assembly

RALEIGH — North Carolina judges have officially delayed candidate filing for the state’s congressional seats while they sort out whether replacement districts approved by Republicans who lost another political gerrymandering case should be used for next year’s elections.

North Carolina Lawmakers Redraw State’s Congressional Map

Nov 15, 2019
Congressional districts
North Carolina General Assembly

RALEIGH — A replacement map for North Carolina’s congressional districts was finalized Friday, with its lines redrawn to address alleged extreme partisan bias and endangering reelection prospects for two Republicans next year.

Congressional map
North Carolina General Assembly


The North Carolina House on Thursday approved a new Congressional map, two weeks after a three-judge panel said the state’s current map couldn’t be used in the upcoming 2020 elections.

Under the current map, the Republicans control 10 of 13 seats. The new map appears to give Democrats the inside track on picking up two more seats, making it an 8-to-5 map. Joining Lisa Worf to talk about the new map is WFAE’s political reporter, Steve Harrison.

NC Congress Remap Proposal Threatens 2 GOP Incumbents

Nov 14, 2019
Mark Walker and George Holding
U.S. Congress

RALEIGH — The political future of two GOP incumbents could be endangered as North Carolina Republican legislators advanced a new congressional district map Thursday in response to a partisan gerrymandering lawsuit.

State lawmakers will be back in Raleigh Tuesday to continue work on redrawing North Carolina's 13 congressional district boundaries. A joint house-senate redistricting committee is acting on a state court's urging that lawmakers fix what the judges indicated was a map gerrymandered with excessive partisan bias.

The 2016 North Carolina congressional district map.

After a three-judge panel Oct. 28 said North Carolina’s gerrymandered congressional map couldn’t be used for filing that begins in December, the Republican leadership formed a bipartisan committee to draw a new map.

The 2016 North Carolina congressional districts map.

RALEIGH — North Carolina legislators are already starting the process of redrawing the state's current congressional map after state judges last week blocked its use because they said there was evidence of likely excessive partisan bias in those districts.


RALEIGH — A North Carolina judge says more than 100,000 computer documents generated by a recently deceased Republican redistricting guru covering several states are no longer under a court's confidentiality order.

North Carolina Redistricting Cases Could Offer Map To Others

Nov 2, 2019
The 2016 North Carolina congressional districts map.

RALEIGH — When the U.S. Supreme Court this year declared federal judges had no business deciding cases about political gerrymandering, it also said state courts had every right to address the issue — and have they ever in North Carolina.

The 2016 North Carolina congressional districts map.

RALEIGH — A North Carolina congressional candidate and two other voters are asking a federal court to prevent a new U.S. House map from being used in the 2020 elections.

North Carolina General Assembly

RALEIGH — A North Carolina appeals court is considering whether to void changes to the state constitution that voters approved last year because they were placed on the ballot by lawmakers elected from racially gerrymandered districts.

Democratic U.S. Rep Alma Adams of Charlotte said she will run for reelection in Charlotte, even if a new Democratic-friendly Congressional district is created in Greensboro.
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Democrat Alma Adams, who represents the 12th Congressional District in Mecklenburg County, said Tuesday she will run for reelection in 2020 in Charlotte -- even if a new Democratic-friendly district is created in the Triad, where she is from.


There were two blockbuster rulings Monday about North Carolina’s political maps. One upheld newly redrawn state legislative maps for the General Assembly. The other ruling threw out — for now — the state’s congressional map, which was drawn to give Republicans the advantage in 10 of 13 congressional seats.

The 2016 North Carolina congressional districts map.

RALEIGH — Evidence is so strong that Republicans carved North Carolina's congressional districts for a specific — and illegal — partisan advantage that those lines must be barred now from use, a lawyer representing voters told judges on Thursday.

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RALEIGH — A judge has quickly dismissed an effort by Republican leaders at the North Carolina legislature to move a lawsuit challenging the congressional map they drew in 2016 from state court to federal court.

The 2016 North Carolina congressional district map.

RALEIGH — North Carolina state judges soon will hear arguments on whether congressional districts challenged by voters who say the lines are tainted by excessive partisan bias shouldn't be used in the 2020 elections.

Despite Critiques, NC Legislature On Pace To Remap On Time

Sep 17, 2019

RALEIGH — Facing a deadline this week, the North Carolina legislature stayed on track to enact replacement districts for dozens of its seats on time, even as citizens critiqued the maps in a public meeting.


RALEIGH — New electoral boundaries for North Carolina General Assembly seats demanded by state judges are on track to be finalized by this week's court deadline.


A three-judge panel in Raleigh on Tuesday unanimously ruled that North Carolina’s House and Senate maps were drawn to maximize Republicans' power and are unconstitutional.

North Carolina Trial On Partisan Gerrymandering Concludes

Jul 27, 2019
The 2016 North Carolina congressional districts map.

RALEIGH — A trial that concluded Friday leaves state judges to decide whether they can identify when politicians go too far in drawing voting districts to their advantage, a judgment the U.S. Supreme Court refused to make.

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Updated 10 a.m. July 16 

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina’s Congressional map was a political gerrymander – but justices said that did not violate the Constitution, and they refused to overturn the map. Now, a second challenge to political mapmaking in North Carolina is underway – this time over the state’s legislative maps.  

GOP Mapmaker Tom Hofeller speaking at the National Conference of State Legislatures in 2001.

 A few dozen computer files recovered from the home of a deceased Republican redistricting consultant can be offered as evidence in next week's partisan gerrymandering trial in North Carolina, state judges ruled on Friday.

Supreme Court building
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In challenging North Carolina’s congressional map, Common Cause and the League of Women Voters pinned their hopes on what North Carolina state Rep. David Lewis said three years ago.

The 2016 North Carolina congressional districts map.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in a North Carolina gerrymandering case that could determine how far state legislatures can draw maps to maximize one political party’s advantage over another.

A bipartisan group of North Carolina legislators said Wednesday they will file a bill to create an 11-member independent body to draw the state’s Congressional and state legislative maps.