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Anthony Hamilton Headlines North Carolina's 'Under One Roof' Virtual Concert

Courtesy of Anthony Hamilton
Singer, songwriter and producer Anthony Hamilton

There has not been a lot of entertainment going on in the Queen City these past couple of months due to the coronavirus pandemic, but a lot of artists and musicians are getting creative with virtual events -- like one coming up this weekend, featuring Charlotte’s own Anthony Hamilton.

The Grammy-award winning, singer, songwriter, and record producer is one of numerous North Carolina artists who will perform on Facebook and Twitch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8-9 p.m., in a virtual benefit concert to raise money for arts organizations around the state. The North Carolina Arts Foundation organized the concert called “Under One Roof.” Hamilton says he will be performing for the concert at his home. 

Anthony Hamilton: At my home here in Charlotte, North Carolina. My great room got great, tall buildings about 12 feet, 13 feet high. And the sound is really amazing. 

Gwendolyn Glenn: So we'll feel like we're at a real Anthony Hamilton concert?

Hamilton: Yeah, you'll feel something. Real, Anthony Hamilton concert-ish. 

Glenn: Concert-ish I like that. Now, this is a benefit concert to raise money for artists and arts organizations. Did that have something to do with why you'd signed on for it? 

Hamilton: You know, a lot of my friends who are not as fortunate as I am to have had the long career, you know, solid in the business. I've been able to work a lot longer and save more. So I'm a little better off than most. But I know that pain because I've been there as a struggling artist. People don't realize that when the work is not coming in, it's not coming in. Even when it's coming in, the pay doesn't come in as a regular 9 to 5. So, you know, a lot of times they need all the help that they can get. So I'm here for that. 

Glenn: Now, the lineup, it includes Fantasia? 

Hamilton: Fantasia is one of my favorites. She has the spirit of the people, and brings this earthy church, kind of ancestral, kind of power and spirit to everything. She's one of the ones that when it’s time for North Carolina to stand up, she's absolutely all involved. 9th Wonder, he's actually a producer on my new single that's coming out. 9th Wonder, he's a scholar man. He's a wizard. He's an incredible producer who worked with Jay-Z and so many different people in the business. He also teaches at Duke. And Ben Folds is absolutely incredible, as well.

That's what we're down for, making sure that North Carolina musicians here don't get overlooked. To make sure that we could do all we can to be a voice and to make sure that North Carolina shows that it matters, the music here matters and the families here matter.

Glenn: And of course, we can't forget not just you, but also The Hamiltones will be there, as well. 

Hamilton: Of course, me and my manager was just talking about them this morning. They’re some talented cats. They were instrumental in making sure my tours were successful. They added another dimension to it. And those are some singing rascals, so they definitely going to bring it. 

Glenn: Now, you will be performing, I'm told, on Sunday night, correct? 

Hamilton: Sunday at 8 p.m. I'm going to do about 25 minutes and then have a little time to have dialogue or whatever. I'm going to go back into my catalog and do some songs that are familiar and that make people feel amazing. But I want to do a song that makes people aware that, you know, life it's powerful and life needs to be respected. It's called "Life Has A Way." It's a beautiful song. 

Glenn: Yes. 

Hamilton: Thank you so much. That's a lot of life, a lot of wisdom in it. 

Glenn: And you're right. This coronavirus pandemic has humbled the world. 

Hamilton: Yes it has. People are really just thinking twice before they move. For the most part, people are really trying to do their part to make sure that this thing subsides. That we get through it. 

Glenn: Well, I hope that the concert gets a lot of calls and donations. It's a great cause. 

Hamilton: I'm going to do my part. I'm calling some of my friends, “I know y'all still got a little money!” So let's have it.

Glenn:  Charlotte’s own singer, songwriter and producer Anthony Hamilton.