The 12 Charlotte Musicians Who Inspired Us In 2018

Dec 27, 2018

Since it launched in September 2018, the Amplifier music podcast has received more than 440 submissions from artists and music professionals across the Charlotte area. And on that submission form, we asked one question in particular: “Who has been your favorite person to work with in the Charlotte music scene?” The responses were inspiring and showed us that there is definitely more to Charlotte music than meets the eye (or ear).

Scroll through to see some of the artists who submitted their work in 2018, and the Amplifier guests who inspired their work in 2018 (and beyond).

Hope Nicholls singing with her band Fetchin’ Bones in 1989.
Credit Courtesy of Hope Nicholls

Hope Nicholls

"For as far back as I can remember, Hope Nicholls has always been an integral part of the Charlotte music scene. So it's only fitting that she's the first episode [of Amplifier]." — Deltronicus

"Playing with Hope Nichols was one of the highlights of our musical journey." — Rock/pop band Hardcore Lounge

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Hope Nicholls here

R&B producer and artist Jason Jet
Credit Arsena Schroeder

Jason Jet

"Jason Jet has been a pleasure to work with. He is producing my sophomore album and is a big brother of sorts when it comes to this industry, as he is more than a newcomer. He's lived out and been signed to a major label in NYC, he is a music educator and he has helped bring my songs to life over the past year." — Neo-soul artist Arsena Schroeder

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Jason Jet here

Record producer, sound engineer and owner of Old House Studios Chris Garges
Credit Chris Edwards

Chris Garges

"We have had a fantastic experience at old house studios with Chris Garges. He is the real deal." — Americana group Caroline Keller Band

"Chris Garges has really helped us and made our first professional recording session a success." — Funk/blues band Write the Ship

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Chris Garges here

Rapper Yung Citizen,
Credit Lynsey Marie

Yung Citizen

"I love Yung Citizen because his heart is so pure. It's beyond music. He came to me at a time where I wanted to stop music altogether. He encourages other artists to grow in their craft, and his work ethic is very professional. He is also one of the producers off of my new album that should be out next year!" — R&B artist Dexter Jordan

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Yung Citizen here

Temperance League lead singer Bruce Hazel
Credit Shutter 16 Staff

Bruce Hazel

"I've known Bruce for a long time, shared the stage together, etc. Him and Temperance League's rate of album production is insane. He doesn't know it, but bands like that keep us going. Most of us in the band know Bruce and we're like, "Damn those dudes are machines!" — Rock band The Grave Rollers

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Bruce Hazel here

Tosco Music Party founder John Tosco.
Credit Jimi Nedoff

John Tosco   

"In high school, I took guitar lessons with John Tosco. I admire his contributions to the Charlotte music scene." — Alt-pop singer-songwriter Matt Carlson

Listen to the Amplifier episode with John Tosco here

President and CEO of the Jazz Arts Initiative Lonnie Davis
Credit Logan Cyrus Photography

Lonnie Davis

"Right now, we’re excelling in music education, primarily in part to Ocie and Lonnie Davis (Jazz Arts Initiative)." — Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Saranich

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Lonnie Davis here

Petra's owner Perry Fowler (performing here with his band Sinners & Saints)
Credit Daniel Coston

Perry Fowler

"Perry has helped me get more connected within Charlotte. He has given me the opportunity to play and get to know some of the bigger names that Charlotte has, which has turned into opportunity after opportunity for me. He has helped my network double or triple in size since I met him just because he believes in my music." — Singer-songwriter Dane Page

"Perry Fowler's crafted a safe space for all of us. Charlotte owes him a debt of gratitude for the artists he has fostered over the few years he has been head of Petra's." — Baroque-folk act JPH

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Perry Fowler here

Punk rock band Trash Room
Credit Dan Russell-Pinson

Trash Room

"Trash Room: not only do they make great music, but they are great people as well!" — Rock band Warboys U.S.

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Trash Room here

Alt-Latinx group Chócala
Credit Weldon Weaver


"Chócala is one of our BFF bands, and we dream of a big collaboration with them. Hopefully, there will be time soon." — Lounge goth band Gasp

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Chócala here

Jamie Hoover of The Spongetones
Credit Courtesy of the artist

Jamie Hoover

"Jamie Hoover of The Spongetones — as a producer, musician, and friend — he's an all-around great human being and a hero of mine since I was a kid." — Chris Garges

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Jamie Hoover here

Lunchbox Records owner Scott Wishart
Credit Daniel Coston

Scott Wishart

We absolutely love Snug Harbor, [Scott Wishart's] Lunchbox Records, Petra's and The Milestone — everyone who runs and operates those venues have been wildly supportive and encouraging, and do so much for our local scene.” — Indie rock band Alright

Listen to the Amplifier episode with Scott Wishart here

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