Politics In The Park: East Charlotte

Oct 27, 2016

This week, WFAE is taking time to meet with voters in different parts of Charlotte and ask: what matters to you in this election? Responses so far have ranged from "the economy," "the pharmaceutical industry," to a bewildered "I don't know what matters nowadays."

Today, we visit Veteran's Park in east Charlotte, where we meet Seth Keipper, who's sitting on a bench watching his nine-year-old daughter, Alex, on the swings. Yes, he says, he's been following this election.

"It's been hard not to follow it because it's been on every news channel for the last year," he smirks.

Keipper says he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton, but only because he doesn't see any other viable candidate in the current field. His first choice for president was Bernie Sanders.

He thinks the Plaza Midwood neighborhood in east Charlotte is solidly pro-Clinton, though he's seen a few Trump/Pence yard signs.

As far as his conservative relatives in South Carolina go? Well, maybe they'll talk again after November 8.