Politics In The Park: South Charlotte

Oct 26, 2016

Each day this week, we're going to different areas in Charlotte and asking voters what matters to them in this election. Today, we're visiting traditionally conservative south Charlotte, also known as "the wedge." That's because if you look at all the Charlotte neighborhoods in the top 10 percent socio-economically, they all roughly fall in the south Charlotte area between Providence Rd. and Park Rd. in the shape of, well, a wedge.

On the westernmost side is Park Road Park, a quiet park with good tree cover, a playground, and a duck pond. It's mostly empty in the mid-afternoon, save for a few kids and their nannies. It's where we meet Lacy Beatty and Jamie McClain, both full-time nannies and south Charlotte residents, who are concerned - for different reasons - about the state of LGBT rights in North Carolina.

Check back tomorrow when we'll visit east Charlotte, which has become something of an international hub, as our series continues.