What Questions Do You Have About Immigration And Deportation In Charlotte?

Mar 21, 2018

On May 8, Mecklenburg voters will take to the polls to elect a new sheriff. One of the biggest issues up for debate is 287(g), a program that allows Mecklenburg sheriff’s deputies to work with federal immigration officials to screen and detain inmates. 

WFAE’s FAQ City podcast wants to know: what questions do you have about 287(g) or immigration/deportation policies in the Charlotte region?

 A few questions to get you inspired: 

  • When/why did the 287(g) program get started in our county?
  • How many people have been deported through the program?
  • Does this make our community safer?

Submit your question in the box below. We'll answer as many of your questions in an upcoming FAQ City podcast episode, so make sure to subscribe to FAQ City on Apple PodcastsNPR One, and Google Play.