Promotional Partnership Policy

WFAE partners with non-profit groups across the region on a variety of events that may be of interest to our listeners. Station supported events occur when there is an alignment in values and mission between WFAE and another organization or event, and both entities publically express alignment/endorsement.

Generally, these promotional partnerships include on-air exposure on WFAE and an on-line presence via the station’s digital assets. In return, WFAE receives logo recognition, tickets and other promotional opportunities. 


·         Alignment with WFAE’s mission and listener interests

·         Event size and audience demographics

·         Timing of events

o   Event timing may not be considered due to seasonal station demands

·         Types of events

o   WFAE has an interest in partnering with many groups covering a wide range of topics

·         The partnering organization/event agrees to purchase a minimum of $2,500 in Underwriting Credits on WFAE. Exceptions may be made if the organization has an annual marketing budget smaller than $2,500 or no marketing budget.


To be considered for a Promotional Partnership, a requesting organization should complete a WFAE Promotional Partnership Request form and submit it to WFAE’s Marketing Department a minimum of 60 days prior to the event date. 

Once approved, the WFAE Marketing Department will work with the organization on a Promotional Partnership Agreement. 

Promotional partnership agreements do not include a promise or guarantee of editorial exposure by the WFAE News Department or Charlotte Talks. Current or previous promotional partnerships or purchasing underwriting credits also do not guarantee a WFAE promotional partnership. For information about WFAE underwriting opportunities, please contact