Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Rare Flower In Bloom At UNC Charlotte

Jul 18, 2015
Lynn Roberson / UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte expects thousands of people to visit a rare flower blooming this weekend at its Botanical Garden. The Amorphophallus titanium, or corpse flower, is native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Most plants bloom only once or twice, and it takes at least 7 years for them to produce a flower. When a plant does bloom, it produces one of the largest flowers in the world. Titans’ deep purple blooms can grow to over 9 feet. They’re also known for the strong smell they produce, which is similar to rotting flesh. Appropriately, UNC Charlotte has nicknamed theirs “Odie.”  It’s about 5' 4" tall and 11 years old.

World renowned landscape architect W. Gary Smith designs gardens and landscapes that celebrate the relationship between people and plants. He’s designed and implemented major botanical gardens and outdoor centers all over North America, and his latest project brings him to the Charlotte region. He’s designing a major children’s garden at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden called 'The Lost Hollow' in a medieval theme. W. Gary Smith joins us to talk about landscape architecture and gardening on a large scale and we’ll find out how you can bring some of the principles he applies to his work to your garden.

Courtesy of Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Charlotte businesses are gearing up for next week's Democratic National Convention. Grounds crews are sprucing up botanical gardens, machines are whirring away at printing shops, and caterers are preparing heaps of food. But even with tens of thousands of people traveling to Charlotte, there's only so much business to go around.