Patrice Gopo

Kensington Palace


I didn’t intend to watch the royal wedding this past weekend. While I’d kept up with the details of the impending fairy-tale nuptials occurring across the ocean, I planned to sleep through the live show.

Commentary: My Family's Citizenship Stories

Feb 9, 2017

My mother told me her American citizenship ceremony took place in a high school auditorium. “Maybe two dozen of us became citizens,” she started off then changed her mind. “No probably more.” She mentioned how they served punch and cookies afterwards in the long hallway lined with lockers.

For My Husband Driving Down A Mountain

Jul 28, 2016

After Dallas, after St. Paul and Baton Rouge, after too many men gone with skin the shade of you, after all this, I waved good-bye. A week we’d spent here in the cool of these mountains, and the plans already in place for just me to remain. I stood amidst the perfume of sweet air and sharp evergreens, stood with my hand raised while you journeyed away. Next week, I called after you. I'll see you when you return next week. 130 miles between this mountain and our home.

My daughter knows nothing about the scandal surrounding Bill Cosby and the recent news of his decade-old deposition where he admits to drugging women. All she knows is that it’s been a while since we last watched the Huxtables.

Commentary: To Everything There Is A Season

Jan 2, 2015

One of my favorite stories about my mother’s early days as a nurse concerns the patient who wanted a different nurse. Forty years ago my mother’s brown skin was a bit unusual in my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. In the hospital where she worked, she may have been the only non-white nurse. One day the head nurse assigned her to care for a dying man.

Commentary: An Apology Can Ease Frustration

Sep 10, 2014

We have all heard the saying, “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” In this commentary, Patrice Gopo says an apology can be just as important.