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Marshall came to WFAE after graduating from Appalachian State University, where he worked at the campus radio station and earned a degree in communication. Outside of radio, he loves listening to music and going to see bands - preferably in small, dingy clubs.

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Tasnim Shamma

In North Carolina, sometimes "no" doesn’t actually mean "no." That’s because of a loophole in state law: A woman cannot legally revoke consent after a sexual act has begun, even if that encounter gets violent. North Carolina is the only state in the country where this is the case.

Union County Schools

If you see something, say something. That’s the message many school systems are emphasizing as students return to class today after Friday’s school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, in which 10 people were killed.

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The Orange County Commission this week approved limits on the size of outdoor flags after a large Confederate flag went up along Highway 70 near Hillsborough. Several huge Confederate flags have also gone up along major roads northwest of Mecklenburg County.

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Fewer people are using public transit in Charlotte. The drop has been noticeable over several months. For example, in February, the Charlotte Area Transit System’s ridership fell 20 percent compared with February of 2017. Nearly all other major cities are also seeing drops, but not as steep as Charlotte’s, according to federal data analyzed by TransitCenter, an advocacy group.

James Nifong

Every so often you hear about animals appearing in places you’d never expect them. River otters have been showing up in salt water environments off North Carolina’s coast. Occasionally, alligators too. 

It was a run in like that that led Duke University scientist Brian Silliman to take on his latest research. 

Michael Bitzer

Tuesday's primaries included some big upsets. Mark Harris beat Republican 9th District Congressman Robert Pittenger by 814 votes in the primary. Five Republican state lawmakers won’t get another term, although Republican state Sen. Dan Bishop pulled out a primary win in his southern Mecklenburg district. And Mecklenburg County Democratic incumbents - state Sen. Joel Ford and Rep. Rodney Moore were defeated. 

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Several mega Confederate flags have gone up recently along highways northwest of Charlotte. The group Sons of Confederate Veterans are behind the flags, saying it’s putting them up in response to Confederate monuments coming down in the state.  The group says it wants to put up a flag in every North Carolina county.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office

Updated at 3:45 p.m.   

Police have arrested a third teenager in the fatal shooting of a man in east Charlotte Friday afternoon.

CMPD said in a statement Monday afternoon that it has arrested another unnamed 15-year-old in the murder of Eskinder Dawit Asefaw, 26. 

Project LIFT Superintendent Denise Watts speaks with WFAE's Marshall Terry.
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This school year marks the sixth year for CMS’s Project LIFT. A total of $55 million dollars in private donations have gone into the effort to turnaround ten schools on the city’s west side. The money came with the expectation that within five years graduation rates at West Charlotte High School would reach 90 percent and 90 percent of students would be proficient. West Charlotte’s graduation rates are close to that, but test scores remain far below expectations. 

The severe storms that moved through the Charlotte area Sunday toppled trees and knocked out power for many residents. Duke Energy says about 5,000 customers around Charlotte are without power this morning.