Duke Seeking Bids For New Solar Projects In North Carolina

Jul 10, 2018

Duke Energy has put out a call for companies that want to build new large-scale solar farms around the state.  The projects would satisfy a 2017 state law that requires the company to seek competitive bids for new solar projects.

In 2017, the passage of House Bill 589 allowed Duke and other utilities to be more selective about the size and location of solar projects. The law also allowed for Duke to sign shorter contracts.

"I think the old system we probably were paying too much," Duke spokesman Randy Wheeless said. "This system is going to be more competitive, we'll get better projects, which will benefit the state and also customers as well."

Duke is seeking bids for 680 megawatts of new solar generation — enough to power about 100,000 homes. Under the law, state regulators and an independent commission will help evaluate the proposals.