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There's No Pussyfooting Around It, These Hats Are The Cat's Pajamas

If you’re an avid knitter, you may have noticed a new pattern making the rounds. It’s for a hat that’s meant to turn heads at the Women’s March on Washington and sister marches taking place in various cities including Charlotte on Saturday. The hat is getting attention not just because of how it looks, but because of its name which some may find offensive.

Most knitters will tell you the hats are simple to make. The signature mark of the hat are two little ears that perk up like those on a cat. And the hats are supposed to be pink, which as WFAE’s Sarah Delia found kept one yarn shop in Charlotte fairly busy leading up to the women’s march.

Remi Haygood is the owner of the Dilworth shop Charlotte Yarn. The store has a lot of different shades and textures of yarn…blues, greens, purples, you name it. But the most popular color right now isn’t the usual one for this time of year: pink.

"I wish we knew how big this was going to be because we would get yarns in and be like oh that pink yarn went fast and as soon as we ordered it, it would go out again," said Haygood.

Haygood says about a month ago the shop caught on that pink was in vogue. A customer came in looking for pink yarn, she leaned over and whispered the name of the hat she was making and that it was for the Women’s March.

"She said the "pussy hat" and I wasn't aware of the march or the movement and when she said it was kind of like ok," Haygood said laughing.

The customer explained the hats were serving as symbol for the Women’s March, Haygood was completely on board.

"I believe in women’s rights, our customers are women and they want to be there so I definitely support it," said Haywood. 

The shop has even printed out the pattern for customers and helped them get started. She’s even making some for women who have called the shop desperate for one.

Cassie O'Neil plans to attend the Women's March on Charlotte. She’s already made one hat and has returned for more supplies.

As far as the name of the hat goes, it’s a nod to President Trump comments about women’s genitals, but it’s also a play on words. The hat does have cat ears after all. O'Neil says the name of hat definitely gets people’s attention.

"Mainly, it’s because of the word pussy. And I’ve had to explain it’s not actually anything like that, especially online. It’s been necessary to show them the pattern and that it’s a cat hat. But hey at least it’s bringing this into people’s minds," O'Neil said. 

Another yarn patron, Michelle Leopold, is traveling to DC for the Women’s March on Washington. She’s made 13 hats for friends who are attending various women marches, she laughs and says she made the mistake of posting pictures of her knitted hats on social media, now everyone wants one.

"Well, I wish I had started sooner and bought more yarn. I do think as someone who has a passion for knitting it’s a neat way to show your skills and support and contribute to the cause. It doesn’t have to be a financial donation it can be something as simple as fiber arts," said Leopold. 

Leopold was getting to the march by bus which takes at least six hours. So even though she’s a little tired after making the 13 hats, she grabbed some last minute yarn before she left.

Who knows who she’ll meet this weekend that will be in need of a pink hat.