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WFAE reporter discusses story on CMPD, Jackson

Last month, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe said he only knew of one suspension against former Officer Marcus Jackson. He said that suspension involved speeding. Jackson is the rookie officer who has been accused of sexually assaulting six women while on duty. WFAE reported this morning that a review board suspended him twice. A memo addressed to Monroe detailed a second suspension involving a domestic dispute. A Mint Hill police report says Jackson forced open the door of his estranged wife's home, damaging the door and frame. A review board suspended Jackson for a period of 16 hours and said he should have been charged with a misdemeanor for breaking and entering. In this segment from Friday's All Things Considered, WFAE's Simone Orendain discusses some of the immediate reaction to the revelations. SIMONE: Last week city council decided not to review his personnel file. Is there any indication that council members have changed their stance? LISA: First of all, we weren't able to get a hold of all the council members, including Mayor Foxx, since they were finishing up with a retreat. But the council members we spoke with said this information about the second suspension isn't going to make them reconsider reviewing Jackson 's file. Some of them say it still goes back to not wanting to set a precedent of opening city employees' files. Council member Edwin Peacock says he has faith in Chief Monroe: "I would contend that the Chief knows that that fact about the Mint Hill incident is simply not relevant to this situation that we're dealing with right now. And I think that's the primary reason that the majority on council realized that opening up the file is not going to reveal any new information to the public to restore any new information or confidence in what's occurred here," Peacock says. Lisa: Council member Nancy Carter who voted to review the file says council already dealt with the matter. And council member Warren Cooksey tweeted this afternoon that he supports Chief Monroe & looks forward to receiving continued good results from his leadership in lowering Charlotte 's crime rate. SIMONE: This morning we heard a 911 call from Jackson 's estranged wife. Since we know that Internal Affairs investigated the incident and a police review board determined he should have been charged with a crimedo we know if CMPD was aware of the callAnd why didn't Mint Hill police file charges? LISA: You would think Internal Affairs heard the call, but all we know from the memo is that the police review board decided to suspend Jackson for sixteen hours because of the incident. Here's what it said: "The board determined that the allegations were sustained. The corrective action was determined to be that Officer Jackson be suspended for a period of 16 hours." The department has declined to talk to us about this story. As for Mint Hill Police, we don't know why they didn't charge him with a crime. They declined to comment too. What we do know is if Jackson was convicted of breaking and entering, that would be enough to revoke his police certification. SIMONE: There is one lawsuit by a couple who was pulled over by Marcus Jackson. What does this new information mean for that case? Well, that couple sued Jackson and the city of Charlotte . Their attorney Neal Rodgers says he believes details about this second suspension shows the city was negligent. "It confirms I believe suspicions that we have had all along that there is more to officer Jackson 's story and why he was retained on the police department that neither we nor the public has learned," Rodgers says. SIMONE: Why has chief Monroe repeatedly refused to talk to WFAE (about this story)? LISA: Well, the department's spokesman says Monroe can't go into personnel matters and that's what this is. But remember last month Monroe did mention that he knew of one suspension against Jackson and that is the one he says involved speeding.